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    plotting cases opened/closed over time

    Jeff Jenkins

      Hi There - embarassed that this should be so simple but I'm not getting to it yet...

        I have support case data, opened dates closed dates, various categories.  I want, initially, to plot how many cases are opened in a month & how many cases are closed in a month...on the same graph.  I can do either on a graph but haven't gotten both onto the same graph.


      Looking at a help guide, it says to get 2 lines on the graph by using 2 measures...but I don't (yet) have 2 measures.  In each row of the data I have a case with it's open date and closes date, one field has a 1/0 for closed or open.  I made a calculated field for case count.


      Should I be making additional measures to get 2 lines onto one graph?  Or what should my approach be?


      I appreciate any help.


      Thanks,   Jeff