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    TabJolt InteractViz Questions

    Eric Knutson

      I am doing load testing on our server cluster and have lots of views that fail due to timeouts sometimes, and sometimes the same ones do not. Is there a way to change the configuration to increase this value? I am using the interactive view test plan and running it for 10-20 minutes duration. It gives me this error:


      ERROR [2015-10-08 16:38:02,555][InteractVizThreadGroup 1-16] (InteractVizTest.java:98)   - Failed to finish View Viz Test. Site: ; Workbook: Multi-ServiceInvestigator; View: MarketDashboard; IsPublic: false;  Exception: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed outjava.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out


      Also, what is the algorithm used for how the interaction happens? Are parameters changed? Is there a way to tell which filters are changed?


      Thanks for any help!