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    How to show previous Quarter data in Lables


      My task is to show the sales of previous Quarter data in labels along with current Quarter.



      I.e., If end user selects Q3 2015 in Quick filter then in scatter graph if he/she gets look in to label

      it should show current Quarter(Q3 2015 sales and expected )  data and previous Quarter (Q2 2015) sale and expected too

      If end user change Quick filter to Q2 2015 then in labels its should show Q2 2015 sales and Q1 2015 sales too

      They should change Dynamically


      Q4 2014500700
      Q1 2015300200
      Q2 2015200500
      Q3  2015100200


      I need to have a reference line, where the scatter plot should show data which is selected from Quick filter named as Quarter and the reference line should show sales for previous Quarter (selected Quarter-1)


      Which should change dynamically (both in values in labels and reference line)



      Product_Name: Iphone

      Selected Quarter (Q3 2015): sale_value

      Previous Quarter (Q2 2015) sale_value:------ and Expected: ______



      if   They select Q2 2015 in quick filter Then




      Selected Quarter (Q2 2015) : Sales_value

      Previous Quarter (Q1 2015): sales: ------- and Expected :---------


      Jonathan Drummey

      Alexander Mou@