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    unable to publish dashboard with publisher role

    Raghu Mylavaram

      I am unable to publish dashboard with following roles. Any idea?


      - Publisher

      - View (can Publish)

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          Michael Perillo

          Hello Raghu,


          Can you provide information about your server environment?  What version of Tableau Server / Tableau Online are you using?  There's a lot of questions that need to be answered before narrowing down the issue.  Here's some things to think about.


          1. Are you using SSL?  If so, have you attempted to type in the fully qualified domain using https://tableauserver.domain.com
          2. What is the tableau server address your user(s) using? Are users able to log in and view project folders from the drop down list in Tableau Desktop?
          3. Have you validated that you've set the permissions on the project folder and 'Assigend permission to contents'
          4. Have you validated the permissions within Tableau Server?
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            John Kuo

            This happens while publishing to a particular project or all projects? I suspect the project you are publishing to has custom permissions that denies publishing. You can check by going to Site > Content > Projects

            10-8-2015 6-40-05 PM.jpg


            On the top right corner or your selected Project (in my example it's the default proj), click on the 3 dots on the top right corner > Permissions

            10-8-2015 6-44-25 PM.jpg

            Next you'll see Permissions for your selected project. Do you see anything weird?

            10-8-2015 6-45-06 PM.jpg