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    Midlands TUG what do we want?

    David Kirk

      Hi all,


      The last Midlands TUG went extremely well with over 30 people attending so we thought it would be good to sound out what people wanted from the user group going forward.


      If you could post your thoughts in this thread and we will collate then use them to plan the future events.


      If you could think about


      Timing - twice a year/once a month etc evening or during the day

      Location of meetings - DMU/County Hall/somewhere else - offers to host gratefully received too

      Any people wanting to present

      Any issues you would like to see covered

      Any things you have seen at other TUGs which would be interesting


      Basically any ideas we could use to make this even more useful and enjoyable


      Many thanks


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          Caroline Beavon

          Thank you for organising such a great event - really enjoyable.


          In answer to your questions:


          Timing: a monthly event would be nice if it was less of a lecture format, and more of a hack/collaboration/workshop or surgery style event (i.e. how do I achieve XYZ) and a social meetup. If you're looking for the same format again, I'd say every 3 months.


          Location: the location was fine. Obviously if we could pick different locations around the region it may make it easier for different people to come along. I'd be happy to help try to source a venue in Birmingham although the city is lacking in evening venues with wifi, but a budget may help.


          Issues: I'd be interested to see talk-throughs of people's dashboards (the how and why of design),  an open "show and tell" would be nice - let people turn up and demo their recent work or show works in progress. I'm particularly interested in dashboard design and infographics.

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            Clare Foyle

            Totally agree with Caroline.


            Are there any ways in which we can get funding for these events (Tableau/Info Lab?). It would be a much easier sell to get these put on (and put on more frequently) if so.

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              Chris Love

              Hi Clare, Caroline


              In terms of organising these events then to be honest Tableau (and partners) try and stay as hands off as possible, ultimately the idea is that the TUGs should be autonomous and not feel beholden to tow the "Tableau line", having funding may turn it into nothing more than a promotion which will suit no-one. The aim should be for people to learn something.


              Is much of a budget needed? I love Caroline's monthly social idea and to be honest we could takeover a corner of a pub and do that - I'm a bit of a board game geek and that's what board gaming social groups do, most pubs will reserve a few tables on a Monday or Tuesday. Everyone buys a drink and / or a burger and sits with laptops and has a chat - very informal and numbers aren't that important (you just need more than 2 or 3 people). If you want to nurse a coke all night it'll cost you a couple of quid for a whole evenings Tableau.


              You could intersperse those type days with a more "formal" lecture style every 6 months - which perhaps needs more cost (e.g. for pizza - but you could just ask for a small donation say).




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                Alex Lea

                Morning all


                I agree with Chris about the costs of hosting etc. We're happy to host future meetings at County Hall, just outside Leicester. There's minimal costs to us on the face of it, just a few drinks etc. We can come to some arrangement about additional food etc or just go out for a bite to eat afterwards.


                Twice a year sounds good and keeps things from getting too stale, with more regular, smaller meet-ups that are a bit more social in other locations.


                Happy to go through some of our examples and show how we built them. We could use the forum as a way of showcasing examples beforehand and shortlist a few to go over in the meeting. This doesn't need to be too formal either, it could just be a workshop/ speed dating type setup if people are not comfortable presenting.


                at the end of the last meeting we touched on the idea of creating a joint dashboard that we could pitch to Tableau as a TUG Viz of the Day (if it was good enough, obviously!). Maybe set aside the entire meeting to produce it? We could go in blind and find a dataset in the meeting, or come with examples (something topical and timely would be good), then break into small groups and hack around with the data, them come back together as a group and create a combine effort. I'd be interested to see what people think.

                I think ultimately, the content should be user driven. I've created a poll for people to have their say on what they want from the meetings and we can use that to shape the meetings going forward:

                Midlands TUG - Have Your Say! 





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                  Chris Love

                  Why don't we go for a social in early November? Be happy to meet up and chat about the Vegas conference and plan out future meetings as a small group? Wouldn't need any planning just a quick Eventbrite meeting thrown up.


                  Maybe we could use the pub we visited after the last TUG in Leicester?