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    How to show custom total values?

    Tae Hoon Lee

      Hi all,


      I have a quick question about how I can show custom total values in the table.


      Below is the screenshot of my current worksheet.


      As you can see, I have placed "Grand Total" for the column.


      On the left hand side, it shows different categories such as gross sales, trade, allowance, non trade sell in, etc.


      I would like the grand total to show "Total for Gross Sales" and "Total for Sales Deduction" (Sales Deduction = Trade + Allowance + Non Trade Sell in + Non Trade Sell Out + Cash Discount) for each Division. I want to apply the same logic for "Ratio", "Value Difference", and "Ratio Difference".


      How can I achieve this?


      I have uploaded my workbook in the Tableau Public Server. The name of the worksheet is "YOY Division".


      Here is the link to my workbook:



      I really need help on this, please help