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    How do I get stats on reports and data sources...

    Johannes Swarts



      We are using Tableau Server v9.x to manage several hundred reports and data sources, respectively.


      A lot of our of our users don't exactly practice good data management skills, so we are facing


      1) a growing number of published data sources with no reports attached;

      2) reports missing tags, so we have a hard time finding the report publisher if something goes awry with the report...


      My question - are there tools in Tableau, or perhaps report templates, that would enable me to


      1) identify all data sources with no reports attached;

      2) identify all reports missing a tag?


      I'd also be interested in a way to make a listing of all data sources, indicating which reports use these data sources.


      I see some Server options (Status) that generate reports showing number of times a view has been accessed, or the number of users accessing a data source - not exactly what I'm looking for, though...


      Thanks in advance,