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    How was the last user group?

    Natasha Zike

      How did the user group meeting go? I'm only now seeing the event details, so I've missed out, but now I've joined the group so I'll be more aware of these things moving forward!


      Could you tell us more about Iron Viz and who won? What was the data about? Have any photos you could share? I've seen some on some of the other group's pages from competitions in the past.




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          David Kirk

          Hi Natasha,


          I am sorry you couldn't come it was a great event.


          The Iron Viz element didn't proceed in the way the other competitions have done - it went forward as us having our two presenters working up a dashboard based on suggestions from the rest of the group.


          This went well (not least because they are both Tableau Zen masters!) but we will be thinking about how we may do this at the next event - any suggestions welcome!