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    October TUG Meeting Coming Up!

    Marc-Paul Lee

      We have a great opportunity this month to learn more about Tableau as well as doing good at the same time. Building on our experience from the July meeting we'll again have an extended hands-on session so that newer users of Tableau can learn from more experienced hands.  It will be an excellent chance to learn more efficient ways of using Tableau, calculations, LOD expressions, etc. or anything else you've had a question about. 


      And we'll be doing good at the same time.  Our fellow TUG member Jim McGowan at the Red Cross will be sharing some of their data.  The goal is to help Chicago's Red Cross in helping others.  In particualr, they are interested in seeing information broken out by neighborhood rather than zip code.  This will be an interesting challenge in blending files as well as mapping.  The bottom line is that we learn more about Tableau and they learn more about their data.  Everyone wins! 


      Before the meeting we'll send out some guides to the data as well as the data itself so that we will have a headstart and not spin our wheels like we did in July.  More details will be forthcoming so stay tuned to this channel. 


      We'll also have some reports back from the 2015 Tableau Conference and tips to share. 


      PLEASE NOTE: There are a couple of changes in venue for the October meeting.  We will be at the Red Cross offices at The Rauner Center, 2200 W. Harrison.  We will also be meeting on a Friday. 


      See you then!


      Chicago TUG October Meeting Registration, Chicago | Eventbrite