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    Conditional formatting on a tabular report with different conditions on different dimension columns

    Janani Varadarajan

      I have to build a dashboard that traces the lifecycle of a product through the manufacturing cycle and there are dates at each stage of the product lifecycle. This report would show the total time taken for a product to be built up from the raw board. I need to apply conditional formatting to track if the planned cycle times match actual cycle times and each stage has a different standard. At this point, this level of conditional formatting looks impossible unless the Tableau experts here have some thoughts.


      Example: Assume the columns are

      Product X ,  stage 1 ship out date  , stage 2 ship out date , stage 3 ship out date  , stage 4 ship out date .


      The difference between stage 2 and stage 1 should be less than 28 and if not color code red,

      the difference in days between stage 3 - stage 2 should be less than 14 else color code red,

      the difference in days between stage 4 - stage 3 should be < 7 if not color code red.


      This is the report I need to build and I applied text marks and color for one condition but I don't know how to apply the other two conditions. It overrides my first color condition if I apply too many text marks


      I am looking for color coding at the column level and the users are not expecting any charts or bars.