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    Web Data Connector working from Simulator SDK but not from Tableau Desktop

    Adam Lacey

      This connector runs fine and does what is expected from the SDK simulator - I see data returned succesfully.


      I do notice that it seems like there is a limit of up to 6 paging requests - if I configured my connector or the back end data is sufficiently large I encounter the following error in the SDK:


      Maximum Number of Requests Reached

      The real critical issue is when I point Tableau Desktop to my connector - after configuring the same values this is the error I receive:

      Web Data error occurred: Error getColumnHeaders (No column headers provided).

      The table "[TableauTemp].[webdata.42282.391184479166]" does not exist.


      I don't see any other log files or any other details of how to troubleshoot - any ideas of what to look at?