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    How to pull out text between multiple colons




      I'm trying to pull out text between multiple colons, as you can see below I'm trying to pull out the strings in the 12th and 13th fields. I've highlighted them in yellow below.


      See below, let's call this [PlacementName]

      • us:2pm:3ad:conf:eng:cons:091415:em:dup1089:disp:xax:billboardpanel1:smartmachines:content:30212602
      • us:2pm:3ad:conf:eng:cons:091415:em:na:disp:xax:billboardpanel4:coanalytics:content:30212604


      So I’d like to pull out the “billboardpanel#:contentname”  It’s always going to be the 12th and 13th spot in the string but the length of the text on the left/right might not always be the same.


      NOTE: Keep in mind I'm unfortunately still using Tableau 8.2 because we haven't upgraded our server yet :-(


      Any ideas are appreciated!