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    Conditional formatting


      Hello everybody,


      I don't know how to do a conditional formatting with Tableau (8.3) to obtain this (see the screenshot attached please).

      I would like to apply different colours on different objects depending on their values (YES-> green, NO-> red for example)


      We can do that by placing the object in the "marks" area but this will put the object at the right of the other objects placed in "rows" in my sheet...

      To sum up : How do apply conditionnal formatting (colours here) to different objects placed in the middle of other dimensions (that are not formatted) ?


      I hope that you understand the issue here.

      Thanks in advance for your reply.



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          Daniel Vincent

          If you're doing a cross tab viz you can put a placeholder measure (usually min number of records or some static number) with a single dimension or measure (repeat for all needed.)  Put on your row shelf all the dimensions/measures used and hide header.  Then it's a matter of formatting the axis which is change title and remove tick marks. 


          You can end up to something similar to this but the caveat is the header is at the bottom vs the top.


          Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.06.37 AM.png

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            Thank you Daniel for your help.


            I did the same as in your example (statuc numbers in columns, repeated with different measures).

            I also click on "dual axis" to have a title on the top of the sheet.


            Everything works fine BUT... I would like to have different widths for my different columns (looks like all columns have to be the same, same width, same alignment...)

            Indeed, all my columns are center-aligned but I want to have some left-aligned...


            Any idea ?

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              Daniel Vincent

              Widths can be adjusted manually.  For alignment just change the text pill alignment for that particular place holder value.  Alternatively the axis range can be changed of the one to be left aligned.  For example, if you are using a place holder calc of 0.0 then change the range to something like 0 - 10 or whatever you want.


              Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.40.47 AM.png

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                Thank you for your quick reply.


                I'll try that for alignment.

                Concerning width, could you please be more precise ? What do you mean by "Widths can be adjusted manually" ? How?

                I don't see how to do that (I can adjust manually one column but all the other columns will have the same width automatically...)