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    Community Appreciation - Toby Erkson

    Rody Zakovich

      Hello Everyone!


      In honor of TCC15, I wanted to start a series of Community Appreciation talks for the month of October.


      Each day, I will be writing about individuals in our community who go above and beyond to help solve questions and share knowledge.


      I believe there are several individuals who dedicate many hours (And sometimes brain cells) to help make our community be so great! And I just want to recognize them for there contributions.


      Though I have several people in mind, I don't want this to be solely "MY" appreciation, but the community's. So please feel free to email people who you want to give a BIG Thank You to, OR (If you want to) volunteer to write up on somebody one day this month.


      You can reach me anytime at RodyZakovich@gmail.com


      Ok, now on to some recognition!


      Today I would like to recognize an individual who has been an amazing help on the Server Admin side of our community, Mr. Toby Erkson


      Toby, as many of you know, is one of our Forum Ambassadors, and is very active in the Server Admin Community. He always is willing to jump in and give direction on how to solve some of the more complex issues we face when working in the server environment. I'm not much of a Server Admin myself, but whenever I am in doubt, I always look to his posts for re-assurance and clarification.

      In addition to all of the great answers Toby provides, he has also contributed to enhancing the Tableau Workbook Auditor, (Originally written by Andy Cotgreave). This tool is extremely beneficial for anyone working with Tableau Server.


      What's in your workbooks? The TWB Auditor v2.0


      Also, Toby does a lot of work behind the scenes to make our community great. Remember when we were getting blasted with Spammers, well Toby was one of our Ambassadors who really put in a lot of effort cleaning things up so that we could have a nice Forum Experience. I know I, as well as many, many others, appreciated all the hours he put in into this!


      Re: Moderator


      THANK YOU Toby, for all of the hard work you put in to making our Community so great! We appreciate all that you do!



      Rody Zakovich

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          Very true, Rody! He often plays it low but is always there to support the community. His work is appreciated by so many people! The best thing about Toby is his touch of humor. His responses are fun to read and gives you the needed solution!


          Well done, Ambassador Toby! And thanks for all you do.



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            Toby Erkson

            Aw shucks, Rody, yer' makin' me blush


            Thanks man, I appreciate it.  However, I've been watching YOU and you've been screaming up the chart.  So, yeah, thanks for bumping me outta my 8th place position I tried so hard to reach   LOL, just kidding.  Seriously though, you've been doing a great job at helping people as well and providing good, quality answers.  Please don't get burned out (it can happen!) and keep up the enthusiasm buddy!


            I'll see you at the conference

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              Simon Runc

              Yes Toby is very funny...here's one of my faves


              Re: Data + Women?


              His repose here, as well as being the funniest thing I'd seen all week! (that could be due to the low bar 'my week' generally sets!), helped add a little humor to a 'tense' (by Tableau Community standards!) situation. This was also one of the truly great uses of an emoticon!!


              Like Rody I'm not in the Server Community that much (although increasingly more), but we've (as in the company I work at) now got our Server and JSAPI devs using (and contributing) to the community and they can't speak highly enough of the information/advice they get from Toby's responses...and the 'What's in you workbook' is truly awesome.

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                Rody Zakovich

                Thanks for the kind words Toby.


                I truly, TRULY love this community, and all the great work people do here. We as Data Analysts/Scientists/Artists have such an important role to play, both in our jobs, and our society. We take on the world of information as it is (And all of its complexities), and try to figure out ways to present in a meaningful way that people understand.....and can learn from. But the only way we can do this is by working together.


                I guess what I am saying is, every question, response and and answer is important. And we (Everyone in our community) should be proud of what we are doing!


                Ok enough on that rant...back to work I guess.......




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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Toby not only do I consider you a valued contributor to our forums, I also consider myself fortunate to call you friend. I know you already know this, but once in awhile it's good to say it publicly (which I suspect is what Rody had in mind when he started this series of posts). 


                  Toby, you contribute a great deal of value to our forums -- especially in the Server Admin space (which you helped create!) But of course your 'rants' are my favorites. You somehow manage to walk that fine line between critic and advocate, a line not easily walked -- yet you do it with such grace.


                  Looking forward to our dinner in LV my friend.



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                    Matt Coles

                    Toby has been of huge help to me as well via this community--just wanted to add my own appreciation. He gives of his own time and energy, and is an all-around great guy. Thank you Toby! I'll see you in Vegas!

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