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    will WDC work without tableau server?

    Amit Saini

      Hi Everyone,

      Might be my question is very stupid.If it so like then please accept my apologies.

      My scenarios is :


      I am playing around Tableau Desktop 9.1 14 days trail version. I DON'T have Tableau Server.

      I have created one WDC and host on IIS locally.

      I have select WDC as a source and pass my URL into that single text box.

      In tableau "Web Data Connector Host" screen, UI of my connector get displayed.

      But after that NOTHING. There is no OK button, no NEXT button.

      Only thing I can do here is close my screen.


      Can this WDC feature be used without Tableau Server? Or currently WDC is not available with tableau  trail version?

      Currently I am bit confused with tableau documentation. At some place it was written that we can use any locally host WDC, Or some places they have mentioned you need to import your WDC to Tableau server.

      I will be very thankful if some body can help me.