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    A job for LOD (level-of-detail) calculations?

    James Mesbur



      I'm trying to create a visualization tracking the performance at a call center.

      We're tracking total calls handled, and the % of successful call outcomes.


      The issue is in the structure of the data in the SQL DB. It looks something like this:




      I have to calculate the following directly in Tableau:


      All by date

      1. Total Calls (Success + Failure) by CallCenter

      2. Total Calls (Success + Failure) by CallReason by CallCenter

      3. Effectiveness % (Success/Total Calls) by CallCenter

      4. Effectiveness % (Success/Total Calls) by CallReason by CallCenter

      etc. (there are several additional metrics not shown in the table, but they all follow a similar pattern)

      I have a sneaking suspicion that LOD calculations are what I'm looking for, but can't figure out how to implement them in this case.

      Note that I can't upload a workbook as the data is proprietary.


      Thanks in advance for any guidance on this!