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    Hospital Quality & Patient Safety Scorecard

    David Vaamonde

      Hi all,


      My first major project, the Community Health by Legislative Districts was a HUGE success. In addition to getting input from our legislators, we've had media coverage! Check out Daily Press, DelmarvaNOW


      My next project was to modernize a very complex quality and patient safety scorecard. This project took over a month to develop. My goal was to make it as SIMPLE as possible for folks to get to see where their hospitals rank in the state. By using the metrics shown in the scorecard, we can get a sense of where the hospital is in terms of quality and patient safety. Historically, we got many questions such as: where did the data come from? what timeframe is it? what's CLABSI? I solved this problem thanks to the webinar "Beef up your Vizzes" by Tableau. Long story short, I added an "i" icon by each metric. This helps the end user understand what they are looking at. Lastly, I added some trend data on the tooltips of each metric. The hardest obstacle I encountered was making the "UP DOWN" indicators follow the trend and color. Please let me know if you have any questions/thoughts/comments. I love the fact that we have a forum to share our ideas and promote solutions.