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    Add a quantile view?

    Lance Dacey

      Hello - I need to be able to add a view which shows quantile performance for certain measures (4 different ones) at an employee_id level (I should be able to plot progress based on whatever date range/aggregation I would want to see).


      I assume I need to do something like this:


      {include employee_id : [measure_1] }


      Then do percentiles on that measure. Then add an if statement to create the quantile dimensions??


      End result should look something like this:





      The actual quantile 'focus' should be a parameter ideally so I can switch it to Measure_1 and see what the top and bottom performers for that metric are doing for the other measures. Then I could switch it to Measure_2 (where the Quintile would be calculated based on the employee_id performance of Measure_2 instead of Measure_1) then see how they are doing, etc. Typically this would be based on the date range of 'This Month', but it would be nice to graph the trends over time or see the results for 'This Quarter' etc.