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    I am trying to split one single column into multiple columns, and the column headers should be the unique values of that single column separated by commas.

    Sean Reimer




      So Basically if I have a data set like the one attached:



      I want to be able to split the column based on commas. (That much I can do in tableau)

      Then I want to be able to make columns with the names of the unique values in the original column  [ I could do that manually conceivably]

      Then I want to have a 1 or a 0 on the corresponding column, corresponding to that particular person's information.

      So if a person had the company square, facebook. They would have a  1 in the facebook column, a 1 in the square column and a zero in all the other columns.



      (They don't have to be 1's or zero's , if null's for the zero's is easier that would work too).



      From there I could do the rest of the data cleaning.



      I'm tried my best to search for this specific issue, but it seems like computationally it could be possible i'm just not sure how it would be done within tableau, Thank you so much. I really appreciate any help.