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    Domain change, Restore 2 different versions

    Yuva Chandra

      Hi, Could someone help/guide on the scenario that I had to deal with


      We are maintaining two different tableau servers on two different domains, The first one is with Tableau 8.2.3 and the other one is built on 9.0.3 version. Both of them are in production and serving different clients.

      Now we are planning to retire the 8.2.3 server by restoring the postgres on 9.0.3 .. which takes

      1. 1. Change of domain, Advice me on the measures to consider while doing this.
      2. 2. Backup and restore of Tableau 8.2.3 on 9.0.3 server, want to retain the data, configuration of 9.0.3 and append the data of 8.2.3, Should this be feasible?
      3. 3. There are few common internal users registered in both the servers, upon restore of old version in new one.. would this cause any duplication(considering the domain change)?


      Looking for experts to share knowledge or guidance, or any research direction or link.. anything will be appreciated!