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    Export PDF Window Hidden

    Darin Coulter

      Good Morning,


      I recently had a question come up from our end users on Tableau Server because they're having trouble exporting PDF from Tableau Server published views.  The attached image is an example of the behavior we are seeing.  The Export PDF window shows up on the far right side of a visualization and the buttons necessary to export/configure are cut-off.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?


      We are on Tableau Server 9.0.5 - 64 bit.  We've observed this in both Chrome and IE 8.





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          Jeff Strauss

          this is a new one that I've never seen.  And we're on 9.0.5 64-bit as well.  It seems for us that the export pdf appears smack in the center of the viz.  I did some test tinkering and if I have a really wide report that exceeds screen resolution, then a scroll bar appears and if I move the scroll bar while the export pdf dialog is up, then I can get it to cutoff on the screen.  Is your report really wide and as a workaround, can they move the scrollbar to the middle of the report and then see if the dialog appears correctly?

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            Darin Coulter

            The example view above is a fixed 1000wX900h .  The standard desktop size in Desktop is 1000x800.  So for this example, I would say that no these are not really wide views.  In fact, the wider the view the better because the location of that Export PDF screen will show up just fine if the width of the view is larger. 


            I would agree that in the past and to the best of my knowledge - the Export PDF screen would show up in the center of the screen - but that's not currently the case.  My initial thoughts were local browser settings but that doesn't appear to be the cause that I can figure out at the moment.  There's no horizontal scroll bar in most cases because the published width fits the screen.


            Thank you Jeff for tinkering.

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              Jeff Strauss

              interesting, when I do a sample dashboard with 1000x900 or even a smaller width, then the export pdf alignment is off just as you show in your example.  is it an option to change the dashboard width to a fixed size, but instead of doing exact, click on range?


              also, please if you haven't already open a case with support as it seems that the positioning may be based on screensize instead of iframe size, but this is just a theory.

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                Darin Coulter

                Thank you for reproducing this Jeffrey.  That certainly aids my case that I did just open with Tableau Support.


                I will keep the thread updated as any insights are gained.


                Thanks again,


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                  Darin Coulter

                  The case with Tableau Support has been updated with the below details:



                  This issue is occurring on the Tableau Server side, which was resolved in the Tableau Server 9.1 release. I understand that it can take a while for enterprise wide adoption of the updated versions , which is pretty common. I have a couple of workarounds that you can try in the meanwhile until those upgrades are adopted.


                  As you had suspected, the root cause of this issue is based on the exact sizing of the dashboard in Tableau Desktop before it is published. The issue occurs with the smaller sizes, including some of the fixed preset size options.


                  The following workarounds will help to avoid this issue, one of these may be more convenient or better for your workflow:


                  1. 1.Use the browser zoom to re-size the browser window and allow the dialogue box to display.

                  (For example holing the Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel is a convenient way to use a browser zoom function)


                  1. 2.Publish the workbook with the 'Show Sheets as Tabs' option checked.


                  1. 3.Re-size the dashboard in Tableau Desktop before publishing to be a larger size or automatic sizing.

                  If that box is checked, the issue does not occur when exporting to PDF. A screen shot of this publishing option is shown in the link below under step number 4 on the page:



                  The 9.1 version does not display the issue under any circumstances and has the issue fully resolved. "


                  I have found the zoom option on existing dashboards/visualizations to be the primary workaround for our end users.  Republishing for wider dimensions is an option, although we should be migrating to 9.1 shortly and that effort seems to be a bit much for the short term.


                  Thanks again Jeffrey for your re-creating the issue so that I knew it wasn't just my environment,.



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                    Jeff Strauss

                    no problem.  Glad that it's fixed with 9.1, we will be going there at some point.  Please mark as correct as others will then find it.

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                      MARK NGUYEN

                      Hi, we're on 9.2.9 and this issue seems to have crept back in, unless it's a similar issue for a different scenario.


                      The different scenario is that we're using ":embed=yes" (so that the action buttons are at the bottom of page) and a fixed sheet size (for correct PDF pagination).


                      When viewing this dashboard directly via the server and clicking on Download->PDF, the dialog appears off-screen which reveals itself when zooming out.


                      However, we're displaying this dashboard within a frame of another web page, so the zooming applies to the web page and not directed to the frame containing this dashboard.


                      It worked fine when we were on 9.1.

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                        Dan Cashdan


                        My organisation is experiencing a similar issue with Tableau 9.3.0 (9300.16.0315.0125 64-bit).


                        When trying to save to PDF elements of a dashboard whose height is more than twice the screen height, the 'Download PDF' diaglog box appears exactly central in the view...but out of sight of the user.  So the user doesn't realise that their command to 'Download to PDF' has had any effect other than to grey out their dashboard.


                        Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  Can this be changed for Tableau 10.0 so that the dialog box always appears on the first page, or towards the top, of the dashboard?




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                          Toby Erkson

                          I recommend logging a case with Tableau Support.  If this is happening again (prior fix is now broken) then this will inform them.

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                            MARK NGUYEN

                            Thanks for the suggestion but I'd forgotten to mention that the case had already been raised with them since 19Jul16; it's currently with their "internal teams to provide support in investigating the issue".


                            I just wanted this issue put 'out there' to raise awareness and kindredship in case we weren't the only ones impacted.


                            I also only decided to post here after finding that this "hidden pdf window" issue is not mentioned in any of the Release Notes, but I just put it down to this issue being a minor one and maybe not all fixed issues get a mention in the Release Notes. (I'd loaded up all the pages of 9.1 and 9.2 and did a find for the terms 'pdf', 'dialog', 'download'.)


                            In case anyone's interested, our workbook size is width 1169, height 3380.


                            Update: Support has closed our case because it's a "known issue actively under investigation with our Product Development Team". Our case details have been appended to the issue "to increase awareness of the scope and impact of the issue". So we just have to wait until it's fixed in a future release. Dan, if you haven't done so already, could you raise a support ticket for your issue so that it could increase the priority of this issue's fix. Our workaround will be to have the end user click anywhere inside the 'greyed-out' frame then do the browser zooming to get the dialog to display.

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                              Dan Cashdan

                              Mark, thanks for the suggestion.


                              I did raise a support ticket and was requested to provide further details to help Tableau recreate the problem.


                              In doing so (in sanitising the workbook by replacing confidential data with sales database data) I discovered that the problem no longer occurs when I republish the workbook.


                              In fact, when I republish the original workbook the problem no longer occurs.


                              Since the original publication of the workbooks in which this bug was observed, we have upgraded to Tableau 9.3 (Desktop and Server).  My conclusion is that the more recent combination of Tableau does not have this bug however any workbooks published to Server prior to the server upgrade will continue to have this bug until they are republished.


                              I am closing the ticket for this case as we no longer have a problem we can ask Tableau to solve.


                              I hope this also helps others experiencing the same issue.