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    WDC, facebook and event managment

    Sammy Landström



      I'm trying out the new cool feature and trying to create some web data connectors but running into some challenges. I've created a WDC running against facebook but I get some error messages from Tableau regarding being unable to handle some events.


      If i modify the event handler within the tableauwdc-1.1.0 to filter away events with the origin of facebook it works flawlessly otherwise I get a error popup about JSON.parse(evnt.data) not being able to handle an event triggered by facebook.


      The modification that makes it works is within _receiveMessage(evnt) and adding something like the below:

      if (evnt.origin.indexOf("facebook") > -1) return;

      Should this function really take all events? Or is it a need for a filter like this?


      More a BI-dev then a javascript guy so could be something obvious, sorry in that case.