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    Tableau Server: manage users is counting unlicensed, not blocking new users

    John Victor

      We want to start taking advantage of Server's ability to limit the number of users a Site can have.


      According to the documentation, the limit will not count unlicensed users (so a group can have all the users, who can be selectively provisioned on the server) and should block users from being licensed if it takes the site over the limit.



      Testing in both 9.0.2 and 9.1 environments, this doesn't seem to be working properly.


      It is counting both licenses and unlicensed users. So if there are 5 interactors and 5 unlicensed, it won't let the limit be set below 10. (Although it when setting the number below 10, the error will show that it must be above 5.)


      Server admins are ignored, as expected.


      Once the limit is set, it's also possible for us to go above the limit. I can remove a user. Reduce the limit by one. Synchronize the groups to bring the user back in, and license the user. The limit isn't stopping it at all.


      Does anyone know if there is a setting that must be turned on? Or a patch? Has anyone even seen this before?