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    Equal Area Hex Map of the World

    Nicholas Hara

      Hi everyone!

      I am looking for suggestions on revising this "map" of the world.| Tableau Public


      The idea is to have a single equal area shape for every country in the world. To roughly present each country as equal while maintaining a semblance of a world map. Basically it is a world view of this: State Hex Map in Tableau | EricksonData


      I understand the highly limited nature of roughly approximating geographies with so many countries (of so many sizes), but I wanted to see if anyone had constructive ideas or edits for making this view look more like the world. North America and East Asia are particularly distorted due to the lack of countries.


      I have attached the excel file that I am working with. Eventually I want to use this as a possible visualization for any world data I might have.


      Feel free to make edits and show me your ideas! I'd love to see how this could evolve.