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    How would one go about accessing admin/systeminfo.xml via the REST API?

    John Meier

      I have a need to retrieve the contents of admin/systeminfo.xml in a REST API session. Any ideas/suggestions on how one would go about doing so?


      With the REST API, you need to properly setup the X-Tableau-Auth header value with the token received when you signin.  This does not appear to be enough, however, to access the systeminfo.xml endpoint.


      Looking at a normal web logon with postman, there appears to be cookies 'workgroup_session_id' and 'XSRF-TOKEN' that are generated when you log into the web interface.  It appears these cookies must be present in order to access admin/systeminfo.xml.  These cookies are not created of course through the REST api.  My suspicion is this is why I can't retrieve the admin/systeminfo.xml page from the REST api.


      Any ideas/thoughts out there would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your feedback.