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    TabJolt Tests & Errors

    Leigh Fonseca

      I ran a suite of tests last week and am trying to understand a few details about how the tests ran and what some of the errors mean.


      Test Profile:


      Is there any way to determine what is contained in a Test or a Sample?  Looking at tests 3-5 the workbook had one published view that contained the following parameters and quick filters:

      1. Parameter to select Date (Yesterday or Custom Dates)
      2. If Custom Dates was selected from Parameter 1, then 2 paramters appeared for Start Date and End Date
      3. A quick filter with three members for device type
      4. A Select Metric parameter to toggle between 2 possible metrics (sessions or conversion) that would be displayed in the four views on the dashboard.

      Based on the math, it seems that Sample = (Test per Second * Seconds)

      Is there any way to know if the interactive test exercised all the possible filter and parameter values?  Is there any way to know if it exercised any of them?  I'm looking for a way to undestand specifically what happened in the tests so I can detemrine if it it testing enough of the functionality.  Also, if I'm getting errors and trace them to specific tests or functionality, then we can troubleshoot those for performance issues on the server.





      I identifed two error profiles that appeard across multiple workbooks:

      1. Read timed out. Tests 18 & 19 -- Is this a jmeter/tabjolt issue or something I should be hunting down to troubleshoot my dashboard?

      Failed to finish View Viz Test. Workbook: <workbook_name>; View: <view_name>; IsPublic: false; TopViews: null; Exception: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

      2. This happened in Test 25 & 27.  Tests 25-28 contained the same confiuration of views, only the numer of users changed.  I did not get these error on all four of those tests.  Is there some way I can troubleshoot this?  It's not a very helpful error message in it's current form.


      Failed to finish View Viz Test. Workbook: <workbook_name> View: <view_name>; IsPublic: false; TopViews: null; Exception: java.lang.Exception: Invalid VQL response from server after performing SelectInteraction interaction. Response: {&quot;vqlCmdResponse&quot;:{&quot;layoutStatus&quot;:{&quot;active_tab&quot;: &quot;Experience Breakout&quot;,&quot;isViewModified&quot;: false,&quot;undoPosition&quot;: 0,&quot;urlActionList&quot;:[],&quot;vizStateList&quot;:[],&quot;legacyMenus&quot;:[{&quot;legacyMenuName&quot;: &quot;viewdata&quot;,&quot;legacyMenuStates&quot;:[&quot;visible&quot;,&quot;grayed&quot;]},{&quot;legacyMenuName&quot;: &quot;exportimage&quot;,&quot;legacyMenuStates&quot;:[&quot;visible&quot;]},{&quot;legacyMenuName&quot;: &quot;exportdata&quot;,&quot;legacyMenuStates&quot;:[&quot;visible&quot;,&quot;grayed&quot;]},{&quot;legacyMenuName&quot;: &quot;exportcrosstab&quot;,&quot;legacyMenuStates&quot;:[&quot;visible&quot;,&quot;grayed&quot;]},{&quot;legacyMenuName&quot;: &quot;print&quot;,&quo

      Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to read through these and share your insights. 

      Kindest regards,