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    Parameter with different number formats


      Hi all,


      I have created parameter (and calculated fields) with different measures possible to be chosen. Everything works fine, despite the fact that some of the measures are percentages and I cannot make them to display as '%'.

      When I click on Measure -> Default properties -> Number format and change it to percentage, nothing happens.

      It works only if the measure is 'separate' = not possible to be chosen on parameter.


      My questions is: Is it possible to show values with different types of number formats within 1 parameter? (I am using 8.2 version)


      Thanks in advance!


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          Ravindra B

          Hi Alek,


          I am also facing the issue, im using 9.0 version. I think will not get display original format of measure when we use in calculated fields. By default, it will display only calculated field number format.

          For this, I found an other way to display desired format.

          Note: Measure is a Parameter.

          if [Measure] = "Sales" then round([Sales])

          elseif [Measure] = "Profit" then round([Profit])

          elseif [Measure] = "Percent" then round([% measure],2)



          Default Number Format of Calculated field like: Number format-> Automatic or Custom(Empty).


          Here The value will display as you want, will not display as % .





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            Rody Zakovich

            Hello Aleksandra,


            Please refer to this article.


            Tableau Tip: One Parameter; Unlimited Number Formats




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              Thank you both for the answers!


              @Ravindra, thank you. Unfortunately my calculated field is not originally '%' - the field I want to display as '%' is the outcome of the calculation (to be changed by number format) - maybe that's the reason your way doesn't work for me.


              @Rody, thank you for the link - nice workaround! I used the way from the article and it helps with labels, but it's still not working the way I'd wish to...  My different measures are to be chosen on one axis and I'd like to change axis formatting too. Is it possible? Or is hiding Axis headers the only way to keep nice view (referring to the article)? I am sending an example in attachment.

              (I know also the way of sheet swapping and popping in Tableau (Sheet Swap and Pop in Tableau on Vimeo), but with ca. 15 measures on one axis (and the same amount on another one) it will be just not possible for me to create )




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                Rody Zakovich

                Hello Aleksandra,


                Unfortunately, we don't have much flexibility with the axis (As far as formatting).


                Sheet swapping would be your only option on that one....I've had to do this myself!


                When you only have two number formats, than you can use a Custom Formatting trick to change the axis and labels, as described here,


                Multiple Y-Axis number formatting


                But that is limited to only 2, in addition it gives rise to problems if you have naturally negative numbers.


                I'll look around and see if there is another workaround.