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    Tableau online query metadata

    Alain Jaques

      Hi all,


      Is there any way of querying Tableau Online to return metadata via some sort of API. For example I would like to return a list of Dimensions and the corresponding members to that I could use these to create a tabcmd query to return a pdf of a particular view using the URL get parameters.


      For example something like....

      • Get_Dimensions would return a list of dimensions
      • Get_Measures would return a list of measures
      • Get_dimensionA.members would return the members in DimensionA
      • etc...


      I would then use these members to create a tabcmd get request like:


      tabcmd get "/views/MyView/MyWorksheet?DimensionA=member1&member2" -f "c:\tabcmd\Reports\MyReport.png"


      I have looked at the Tabcmd functions but not found anything. Also the Rest API doesn't seem to have what I am looking for.


      Kind Regards