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    SeaTUG Event October 7th

    Anthony Gould

      Tableau Distribution Hack, Jump Start Server, and Studies in Behavioral Viz


      How often are you challenged to get your Tableau work in front of the right audience?  For those of us with Tableau Server, we are well served with options and administrative tools. However, adoption often begins when licenses aren't readily available.  Our first two presentations cover distribution methods- with, and without Server- along with some tips and tricks.  The third presentation, titled "How We Think- Behaviorl Viz" comes from Dan Murray's technical editor of "Tableau Your Data" and an active member in the Seattle Tableau User Group, **** Holm.  For more detail, check out the registration page provided below.


      Hope to see you there!




      SeaTUG: Tableau Distribution Hack, Jump Start Server, and Studies in Behavioral Viz Registration, Seattle | Eventbrite

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          Kim Wayman

          Could you also have WebEx for this?  I’m willing to set up the link etc. if someone will present and there is a phone?





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            Anthony Gould

            Hi Kim


            I'm glad to hear your interest in the upcoming event.  Unfortunately, we don't offer WebEx for our events.  This is consistent with other Tableau user groups.  Speaking for SeaTUG, we value the importance of meeting in person to build community and share ideas.  Next, it would increase the level of effort required in each event to ensure technical resources are available, which could add expense, or simply not be feasible based on the event logistics.  We hope you understand and can attend future events when your scheudle allows.  Please follow us on LinkedIn as well.  We make an effort to post resources after the event when available.


            Thank you