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    Data not getting loaded into visualizations automatically

    Karthik Venkatraman



      I have created few dashboards with the datasource as sql server and have embedded the dashboards into my website using ASP.NET.


      The dashboards are published in my production server and is live. When I publish my dashboards there are no data in my sql tables and so there were no visualizations shown. However when I load the data in my sql tables, the dashboards are not pulling those values automatically. Only when I click revert all i am able to see the visualizations. Once I logout and login again there are no visualizations shown till I click "revert all".


      I even tried republishing my dashboards with data however I am getting the same response.


      I have also tried the refresh=yes parameter in my embedded code, but its also not working. I have the same white space till I use the revert all option in the toolbar.


      Is there any way to overcome this? Since we are using the dashboards in production, we will not be having data when we publish it. once the data comes to my table, I need my view to show the visualizations automatically?


      Any help is highly appreciated.