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    Relative Date Filter based on a non-date dimensions. How to do relative filter based on a parameter.


      I have two sheets on a dashboard. One sheet is providing the summary aggregate and the other is supposed to show the detail/breakdown of that number based on Fiscal Week for the last 4 weeks only.  How do I achieve this functionality pretty like a 'Relative Date Filter' but based on not a DATE fields instead it should be based on a dimension like 'Fiscal Week'.


      Currently, for demo purpose, I am hard coding the filter on the 'Trend' sheet to show last 4 weeks starting week '2015-wk25'. But when fiscal_week = 2015-35' is selected, the trend should display last 4 weeks from '2015-35'.


      Ideally I want to replace the parameter 'Fiscal Week Param' with a 'Quick Filter like 'Fiscal Week'  so that I can do cascading filter to drive fiscal week LOVs based on 'Fiscal Quarter' and 'Fiscal Year'. But looks like Tableau does not support that functionality either.


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