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    creating calulation between joined tables

    Al Vish

      I have set up a relationship between two excel tables.  Im trying to run a simple calculation between two fields, one in each table (just dividing one record by the corresponding record in the other table).


      The calculation I created is:


      SUM([Treatment Summary (test for navport replacement)].[Total Proppant (lbs)])/SUM([LL])


      Some questions:


      1 - When I check the data source that has the custom calculation, I see the calculated field added, but all the values are 'null'.


      2 - Charts that reference these calculated values are incorrect.


      3 - What formula can I write to perform the calculation ONLY if a cell in the field [LL] is not blank?


      As far as the result, all I want to do is divide the cell value in the field [Total Proppant] by the cell value in the field [LL], where it is not blank..