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    How to sum MRR weekly compounding.

    Mitomo Somehara

      I want to create a table where it shows the sum of MRR grouped by weekly.

      Just doing this is easy (put MRR into the row and created_at (the date) in the column and choose week numbers, etc).


      HOWEVER, I want to also keep adding the MRR to each week until it hits the week of archived_at in the raw data.


      For example in the excel sheet I attached,

      Column A user_id 96526, column B id 173778,

           This person has a subscription with an mrr of 100.

           created_At = 22/04/2013

           archived_at = 17/07/2015 .

      for this person, his mrr will be in the week starting from the 22/04/2013, but will also be in every single week after that until the archived date 17/07/2015 which is in the week starting from 13/07/2015.


      So the table should look ideally like a left skewed graph. (because every week, when there is a new subscription, it gets added on top of the previous week's mrr. Unless someone unsubscribes)


      Can someone please help me with this!