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    Dual Axis manual syncronization

    Pushkar Shanker

      I have a scenario where point with value 1 on Axis 1 should meet with 0 on Axis 2.

      For a Profit/Loss, Cost, Revenue Data Set. Calculate Cost Percentage (=Cost/Revenue). If cost percentage is more than 1, its loss (I use Reference Line to show this). On the other axis, I have to sync it with a value that I can specify (for few variables, it is 0 whereas for others it is specific value). Is there a way to manually set the axis mid points for dual axis?

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          Russell Spangler



          Basically dual axis provides you the ability to plot points on two separate axis, if you synchronize the axis then the axis will be the same.  This feature in Tableau allows you the ability to overlap different types of marks (graphs/charts) onto one worksheet. 


          If you want to sync items differently you can add a calculated measure.  For example, you want Profit shown, but also want 25% of Profit shown on the second axis.  You would use the measure Profit for one axis and create a calculated measure with the formula of .25 * [Profit] to be used on the second axis.


          You can create a calculated measure to offset your numbers by any amount.  I usually use 0 as the midpoint and that will allow negative numbers to display to the left and positive numbers display to the right.


          If that doesn’t answer your question please post an example of what you are trying to do and I’ll try and help.  Feel free to use any of the default datasets (ex. superstore) that are provided in Tableau to illustrate your question.

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