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    server error


      Hello people,


      Please help me out me this error.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Most likely Server is not 'aware' of your local drive and therefore can not use the path you are pointing at. Use the UNC path instead. Here's an article explaining the issue and the fix:



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            Hi Shawn,


            Thanks for the reply, i have installed tableau server with local authentication is that the case because of which the server is not being able to access the excel files on my laptop. Do i need to install it with active directory? Please let me know.



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              Shawn Wallwork

              I'm not a Server Admin so I'm not completely clear about this. I've moved your post over to the Server Admin forum. These guys should be able to help you out.

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                Damien Lesage



                Nothing to do with Tableau Server Configuration.


                You have installed Tableau Server on Machine A.


                Your computer is Machine B. Your Excel file is on your computer (so Machine B).


                Thus, Tableau Server (Machine A) can't see the Excel file which is on your computer (Machine B).


                I hope this make the issue clear here.


                That being said, it is not likely your need an extract on your Excel file. You should just deactivate the extract and republish the workbook OR delete the task refreshing the workbook if you have no other extract in used in the workbook.




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                  Hi Damien,


                  Thanks for the reply, i tried publishing with extract(.tde) also but the same error comes with it also. What could be the issue then?

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                    Eric McDonald

                    Does this error occur with other Excel files or is it just this one? To use Excel files on the server you need to include the appropriate driver from the Customer Portal download link. I don't think this is the problem but you may wish to consider.

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                      Damien Lesage

                      Same as for the Excel file. The TDE file is on your computer (Machine B) so Tableau Server (Machine A) can't see it.


                      The easiest solution is still to stop refreshing the extract in your case. As a matter of fact, this is not a blocking issue according to me.


                      If you need to refresh the data, you should share your file on a network drive that can be seen by your computer AND the server.

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                        Thanks Damien but i am at client location how to make a drive that Tableau server and my computer can see.

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                          Matt Coles

                          This is one of the most common issues we hit running Tableau Server when users need to extract an Excel file and keep it refreshing. Solution:


                          1. Put the Excel file on a file share.

                          2. Ensure that the Run-As account that Tableau Server is running under has Read permissions on the file.

                          3. Re-author the workbook using the full UNC path, e.g. \\mycomputer\myshare\myfile.xlsx

                          4. Republish it.

                          5. Monitor for failures

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                            Mark Pesce

                            I personally have never been able to get any data extract to work from any mapped drive. I have always used the UNC path for the Excel document in order to make it work regardless of whether it was a live connection or data extract. TDE file can really be anywhere just as long as your host server has access to it.

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                              Toby Erkson

                              How often does the Excel file get updated?

                              How often does the report that uses the Excel file need to be updated (how 'fresh' does the report need to be)?


                              If not very often for either answer then make sure the box IS checked for "Include External Files" when you publish the report to the Tableau Server.

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                                Hi Toby,



                                My data gets refreshed every 15 mins so i have scheduled it for 15 mins refresh but since server is not being able to access the extract refresh fails.

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                                  Hi Matt,


                                  If i install dropbox on my system and then save the respective excel or tde files into it and then change the workbook path to it and then publish the workbook to server, then will the refresh will work normally or still i need to have a network file share to be created.

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                                    Matt Coles

                                    Assuming you used the NetworkService user when installing Tableau Server (the default), here's what I'd expect you to need to do:


                                    Find your folder, and share it:




                                    Then use the path provided here to connect to your file:



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