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    How to carry column grandtotal as initial data of the next column?

    Giovanni Chiappero

      I have this requirement to reach:


      In a database  table I have a list of expenses divided by type (car, home, holidays…)  and month (on  a specific year), and also with my income (salary)

      I also have  the value of the initial portfolio value  at the beginning of  this year (available money at beginning of the year).

      As Grandtotal of the first month, I will have the portfolio value that consider : income (salary) of first month and initial portfolio value expenditure .  How can I carry  this value calculated by Tableau  as initial portfolio value of next month?

      This are very useful end essential  for me, because with the use of report  filters (in Tableau)  I can see how change my portfolio value during the months of the year , for instance, if I filter the holidays expenditure.  So I really can’t calculate and put in the database  table the initial portfolio value for each month: it is necessary that this task is implemented in the Tableau report allowing the use of filter.

      How I can report grandTotal of January as initial portfolio value of February (and so on, grandTotal of February as initial of march)…?


      Can someone help me, giving some ideas to reach my goal?


      Thank you for very much



      In attach an Excel worksheet as example to facilitate your help... thank guys!