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    Subscription should work with Condition  or should not work if refresh fails

    lalitha p

      Hi Everyone,


          I have a subscription which is going on smoothly for a report now. An Extract refresh is happening at 12 O'clock and after one hour at 1:00pm my subscription is running. (daily mails are recevied by users)

      Now My concern is sometimes my report(extrcat) refresh is failing but my subscription is happening at 1 O'clock with the old data(with the last refresh data) .


      But i dnt want this to happen. If my refresh fails my subscription should not go or my subscription should go with a messgae that "refresh fails for today, Report is with Previous refresh or data" .


      Can we design our subscriptions like this with condition or atleast can i stop my subscription if my report refresh fails.


      Please help me out..