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    Subscription to populate the Cache ?

    Antoine Leperlier

      Hi All,


      We got two main reports we run every day. The first run in the morning takes about 15 sec. Next runs (from the cache) take 3 sec.

      I would like to pre-populate the cache so users only experience super fast refresh time.

      The server is set to "Refresh less often".


      I am trying to use subscriptions to populate the cache. The subscriptions are link to the "Every 15 minutes" scheduler.

      As I understand the cache is wiped every 30 minutes with the "Refresh less often" mode. So theorically I should hit the cache at every time with this configuration.


      In reality it doesn't work.

      Do you have any info/guidance on this issue?

      Did any of you already use subscription with the aim of populating the cache ?

      What are the other options to pre populate the cache ?


      Thanks for your help!