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    How connect 2 Data Source

    Tiago Ferrucio

      Hi guys


      I need connect 2 DataSource (Paciente and Venda). I know there is Data Blending, but when I connect Paciente to Venda it shows me simbol '*'.


      See you,

      Tiago Ferrucio

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          Pablo Saenz de Tejada

          Hi Tiago,


          here you have an interesting article about Data Blending:


          Troubleshooting Data Blending 


          Basically, when you relate secondary data you have to make sure that there is only one matching member in the secondary dimension for each mark. If there are multiple matching members you will see an asterisk in the view. All secondary fields are aggregated. Dimensions are aggregated as Attributes (ATTR), which means that if there’s only one member it will show the member value but if there are multiple members it will show an asterisk.

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