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    Creating Calculated Fields not affected by Filtering, Partitioning and Addressing?

    Andrew Masnyj

      Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to have a calculated field return a value that is comprised of a current year value plus a prior year value, while selecting only the current year via quick filter? For example, the 2015 value I would like visualized has a 2015 component and a 2014 component. Currently I am using this calculated field,


      sum([Core Market Count]*[core_market_w15])/total(sum([core_market_w15]))


      However, when I filter for only 2015 in my Year quick filter, I feel that I am excluding the 2014 data, which should add to the 2015 final number according to my survey weighting methodology.


      Please see the attached Excel workbook for perhaps a clearer description of this question. Ideally, I would like the 2015 value to be the result of ((Value)x(2015 Weight))/(sum of entire 2015 Weight column). However, in Tableau, by filtering for only 2015, the two 2014 rows that include values in the 2015 Weight column, are effectively excluded. Is there a way around this?


      Thank you for your time!