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    Linking Hierarchies amongst charts


      Hello, I have two charts utilizing the same hierarchy but different metrics for each. I would like for when one hierarchy is drilled down or up, the other hierarchy will correspond to the same level - so that each chart is representing the same level of information.

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          Ravi Mistry

          Hey Nick,


          If I've understood correctly, you're looking to group your levels of hierarchy - Perhaps this post will help you and your use case? The specified item was not found. - Let me know how it goes!

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            gavin thomson



            I have the same issue and I was worried it's me being stupid.. Which I may well be.


            My example is....


            I have a 2 panes on a Dashboard showing the same data in 2 ways;


            1. A table with a 3 level hierarchy and the sum of a product. Top level hierarchy is visible until drilled through.

            2. A pie chart showing the sum of a product by the top level hierarchy. So is showing % product per level 1 hierarchy.


            The problem is, if I want to filter on a single top level item in 1.table and drill down a level the 2.pie filters but does not drill so ends up as a big 100% blob.   I'd like the pie to recognise it's using the same hierarchy as the table and drill down as I drill down. Because I also want the moon,  I'd also like it re-shade the pie to the level.... Eg in the 2.pie,  item one on level one is red... After I drill the 1.table and the 2.pie drills,  instead of a big red blob of now level 2 data it's shaded the Level 2 segments... So it's colour drilled!


            Thanks for any help you can give