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    Color coding quick filters

    DW Huser

      We are using tableau 9.2 desktop. I have about 8 quick filters on my dashboard. Region, Country, State, County and Lvl1, Lvl2, Lvl3, Lvl4. We are having issues with the real estate on the dashboard and ideally want them to be collapsed or fly away.


      But, after a bit of research I realized we don’t have collapsible container feature yet and trying to see if I can color code them. For instance, Region, Country, State, County in a green container and Lvl1, Lvl2, Lvl3, Lvl4 in a blue container to indicate they belong to one “group”.  When I try to format filter and shade the color it changes on all 8 filters. Is there anyway, I can customize it. TIA.


      Keywords- color coding, dynamic color, collapsible, quick filters