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    Challenge with the Reset Button

    Hector Green

      Good Morning,


      Well I am working on a reset button and here is the background.


      I designed a reset button and a search button and both are working fine. But in the attached packaged workbook when i introduce a new work sheet (sheet 5) the problem starts.


      The sheet 5 has a ACTION relation defined with sheet (Product Type). So when I click the product type sheet from Dashboard:1 the expectation is that it takes me to sheet:5 and it's working fine as expected with the problem that the filter that I am applying in Dashboard:1 does not get reflected on sheet:5 (Problem:1)


      Now in order to tackle this what we did is we went to the search button and applied the filter on field (say type) to worksheet:5 too. This resolved the problem with the search as both the data on dashboard:1 and sheet:5 (which I get when I click on the Product Type on dashboard:1) was getting filtered as expected. But then I have a new problem i.e when I try to reset the fields the field that is applied to multiple sheets is not getting reset (try it urself). So I wanted your thoughts and ideas on how this could be resolved?