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    Data slipping into other fields.

    James Needham

      Using Tableau 8.2.3 64bit


      Having an issue where data seems to be slipping into other fields.


      I am importing data from a 3.5Gb CSV file, (also tried a 750MB section)

      Text Qualifier is "

      Field separator ,


      However once data is imported in Tableau im getting a lot of data slipping into fields they should not be in.




      If I look at just the country dimension, I should expect only to see countries in there. However I am seeing data from many other fields, sometimes lines and lines as you would expect to see in the CSV format. Almost like its not picked up the field separator.


      I have split the file to view in in excel and everything is displaying as expected and remaining in format.


      Anyone come across this before or can point me in the right direction?