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    Combine data from different sources on same graph

    Francois Marcoux



      In the attached workbook, you can see I have 2 similar data sources (date, value and category). I'd like to plot the values from both sources on the same graph in regards to the date, also while being able to filter by category.


      In the first sheet "Discrete", I tried setting the date as a discrete dimension and enabling the "Show Missing Values" option so that the values from the secondary data source aren't filtered out. However, by doing so, it doesn't seem possible to have an actual line plot (only circles). Also, the circles are cut off when near one of the ends of a month.


      In the second sheet "Continuous", I set the date as a continuous dimension in order to get a line plot. However, the "Show Missing Values" option doesn't seem to do anything in this case. Therefore, only the values from the secondary source on the same month as the values from the primary source are shown.


      Is there a way to show all the values from both sources in a line plot?


      Also, while in this example it would be possible to append the secondary source to the primary one, it wouldn't be possible in the actual workbook for which I'm trying to resolve the issue.