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    update parameter based on filter action

    Sravanthi Medapati

      I have a design requirement where I need to save filter applied in a parameter. Upon my filter change my parameter should get the filter value changed.


      I am using a superstore data, in which I am using two columns Customer Name and Customer Segment. I created a worksheet with these two columns. I wrote an action on this worksheet and thus when I click on any of customer name, I get only that customer name and corresponding customer segment. Now I am trying to save these two values in parameters. It didn't work.


      I tried the following way:

      1. I created two parameter one using Customer Name and other Customer Segment.

      2. Created Calculated field using Customer Name (used different formulas). But nothing worked.

      3. Added in the selected fields section in actions


      Is there a way I can get parameter from my action. Please find the attachment.