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    what is the maximum number of trusted_hosts?

    Marcin Ciesielski



      We have front .NET IIS server that is using trusted authentication to the underlying tableau sever.
      The tableau server is AWS instance Windows 2008 R2 behind ELB (Elastic Load Balancer).
      After switching to ELB the web server is reaching to underlying tableau through loadbalancer.
      I can see in the httpd logs the internal IP addresses of the AWS Elastic Load balancer (ELB).

      I’ve used tabadmin set wgserver.trusted_hosts “,”To add those IPs as trusted.
      It worked OK until the IPs of the ELB changed.
      As it was explained to us - the change is random and managed by AWS.

      If I’d like to add entire subnet as coma separated list of IPs – is there a limit on how many IPs I can add to the list?
      Will long list of trusted hosts (like 256 or 1024) low down the server’s performance?


      Yesterday I've tried to add 66 IP addresses with wgserver.trusted_hosts.

      It was saved correctly in the configuration file.

      The server however could not start.

      After 'tabcmd start' there was some period with usual high activity but after it the server was hanging for a long time with no activity but did not start successfully.

      I needed to stop the process, reconfigure and start again.

      If I would wait longer (an hour or so) – would it start?

      What could cause the slow start with 66 trusted IPs?