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    Calculated Member formula to show or not show measure?

    Greg Mooney

         I have a calculated member from a SSAS cube that allows me to capture the following:


      ([Measures].[Volume],[DIM Amount Type].[Amount Type Code].[Forecast])


      I have a parameter that allows the user to turn on or off displaying this Forecast measure but it is not working.


      I modified the above calculated member to the following in hopes of getting the parameter to show or not show Forecast:


      IF [Select target to compare Actual to:] = "Forecast"

      OR [Select target to compare Actual to:] = "Both"


      ([Measures].[Volume],[DIM Amount Type].[Amount Type Code].[Forecast])

      ELSE ([Measures].[Volume],[DIM Amount Type].[Amount Type Code].[Forecast])=NULL



      I am getting the parser error saying that my ELSE statement is incorrect.


      Any suggestions?