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    Asp.net AutoLogin to Tableau

    kranthi manne

      Hello Friends,


      Could you please suggest me how to implemenet autosign feature to tableu from .net application. 

      We are using HTML5 Dashboard to display our department tableau reports(see below screenshot).This dashboard is integrated with windows authentication.


      our dashboard is accessible from both internal(with in the network http://dashboard.com") and out side the network (https://dashboard.com") either way user have to authenticate using AD credentials.

      Each button (below) on the dashboad is pointing to a tableau reports/viwes.

      sample link - https://ourtableau.domainname.com/views/etc...


      Current Issue : When a user clicks on the dashboard button(below) tableau is prompting for dual login.


      What we are looking for - Is there any way that we can implement autosign feature so that once user signin to dashboard using AD Credentials tableau should not ask for dual login (We are facing this issue when users access our dashboard from HTTPS)

      what changes do we need to implement on tableau side and what changes do we need to implement on net side.Which one do we need to implement first?


      I appreciate your response.