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    Average inventory by week

    Christophe Cluzel



      I have a challenge which I thought will be easy to solve but it seems that I am not as smart as I thoughts


      I am sure the solution will be simple to find for the bunch of expert around


      Here is the situation :


      I have all transaction (in and out of stock) for my parts since inception then I am able to calculate the inventory position at any point of time.


      But for an inventory dashboard I need to be able to calculate the inventory for any given period (usually month or week), the average inventory is defined by the following formula : (Inventory start period + Inventory end period)/2.


      This is then used to derive several KPI like service level....


      I attached a workbook with the example of 1 parts (we have 1000s in inventory) and the historical transaction by date. we do not have transaction every day for all the parts.


      Any help will be more than Welcome


      I am using Tableau 8.0


      Thanks in advance